Arithmetic Lesson Plans

  1. Manipulating Formulae...Using Recipes To Understand- The student will develop a tentative understanding of writing and using formulae.
  2. Adventures in Statistics- During the initial stages of problem development, a discussion occurred concerning the practical applications of our ultimate findings. A variety of possibilities surfaced, most notably the fact that the principal could use the information when setting up the classrooms for next year.
  3. Basic Arithmetic Worksheets
  4. Bricks Activity- You are a brick wall builder in Southern California. You have discovered how to build the strongest wall possible using 2-by-1 bricks. You have come to the conclusion that a wall made of these bricks has the most strength if there are no fault lines.
  5. Domino Addition - The learner will demonstrate application of numbers and operations by solving additions facts with sums up to twelve with dominoes as manipulative tools for learning.
  6. Math Relay- To help review Math concepts.
  7. Mix-Freeze with Add and Subtract! - After completing the activity, each student should be more familiar with their basic addition and subtraction facts.
  8. Numbers 0-10 - The learner will identify, write, and model numbers 0-10.
  9. Reviewing Addition and Subtraction Sets - Student will review addition and subtraction of whole numbers, decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers.
  10. Simple Addition With Candy - By the end of this lesson students should be able to add up to 12 with at least 75 percent accuracy. Bloom's level of concept will be used.
  11. Solving Single Digit Addition - The student will be able to solve single digit addition equations quickly and accurately.
  12. Subtraction using Pairs Check - My goal is to give the students an opportunity to work with one another and learn from one another.
  13. The Properties of Addition - The associative, commutative, and identity properties of addition.