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  • Poetry Review - Summarize and apply reading strategies by completing a journal entry after reading a selection independently.
  • Poetry Unit - Analyze two poems by identifying a variety of figurative language and sound devices in both.
  1. A Musical Poem - The goal is to encourage people to view the psalm from an artistic lens drawing from two different genres of music.
  2. Adjectives Using Poetry - Students will write an original lyrical poem using adjectives and descriptive language.
  3. Calendar/Birthday Poem
  4. Chatterbox, The Rain - The use of personification to describe the rain and the use of onomatopoeia.
  5. Cinquain- Given a noun, verb, or adjective the student will tell the teacher what the word is noun, verb, or adjective.
  6. Collaborative Poetry!- I had trouble getting students to sit down and write an entire poem on their own. This activity helps them to get used to it.
  7. Creating Metaphor Poetry- I like this lesson because it is interesting to the students (they are familiar with the singer Jewel, which makes them more engaged with this poetry lesson), and helps them both learn ABOUT metephores and use them creatively themselves.
  8. Creative Writing: Haikus- Introduces students to the basic Haiku poetry format.
  9. Diamante Style - The focus is a literature based Activity that provides students a chance to expand their literary skills by producing a poem that encourges them to use nouns, ajectives and antonyms/synonyms.
  10. Dinosaur themed guided reading, ssr, focus writing- . I divided my class into three groups and had them practice the poems. Then they read them to the other 2/3s of the class. They loved it.
  11. Freddie the Fungus:A Play about Decomposers- Teach students how to write Haiku Poems.
  12. Guided Reading / Poetry Ideas- Here are some ideas that have proven successful...don't always do the same thing.
  13. Harvest/pumpkin poems and songs- For those of you who don't celebrate Halloween anymore and are looking for harvest poems and songs....Here you go!! Enjoy!
  14. Important Poems to teach comprehension- I use this technique often. After we have finished a unit, then I have them write an important poem to show what they remember.
  15. Introduction to Poetry - This lesson is designed to give students a basic introduction to the elements of poetry.
  16. Lyrical Poetry - Students will write an original lyrical poem about an event or subject that has in some way transformed their beliefs, thoughts, or attitudes.
  17. Mexican Version of The Night Before Christmas
  18. Modern American Poetry- This will be a relatively independent project, which you will have to do on your own. Some class time will be given, but much of the work will be completed on your time.
  19. Newspaper Poems- Students will be able to appreciate the value of words, review the parts of speech, create original poetry, shape the poem, and write an explaination of the images he/she has created.
  20. Parts of Speech Poetry- Find a simple poem and copy it on chart paper, skipping lines between each line of poetry for editing.
  21. Periodic Poetry- At the conclusion of this lesson students will be more familiar with various elements.
  22. Poetry in Action - Students will increase their understanding of poetry, and become poets themselves.
  23. Poem on Kwakiutl, Cheyenne, and Navajo- Facts about the tribes learned in 3rd grade.
  24. Poetry- You will be researching a poet. Select from the suggested poets below. No more than two students to a poet, so make sure you have your choice approved first!
  25. Poetry - Cinquain - After hearing, seeing and discussing examples of cinquains, the learner will write a cinquain using all components correctly about rain on a drop shape.
  26. Poetry and Paul Revere - Review concepts of basic poetry reviewing the role Paul Revere played during the American Revolution.
  27. Poetry in Gases- Have your students (after sufficient study) let you know what they know about (for example) gases/ physical properties of gases.
  28. Poetry Intro- Assemble short clips (one minute each works for me) of music. Try to incorporate modern, instrumental or any variety.
  29. collage from the pictures.
  30. Seasons in poetry - How poets use the seasons' sensations in writing.
  31. Shapes poem- Learning how to draw & recognize shapes.
  32. V-Day - Friendship Poems- A fill in the blank activity.
  33. Valuing Differences- Teacher directs students to Think, Pair, Share with their partner for details in comparing/contrasting the book and poem.
  34. Writing a poem- Creative writing, peotry appreciation, literary techniques.