Teachnology Publishing - Submissions

Teachnology Publishing Company, a division of Teachnology, Inc., is seeking authors of books of interest to teachers, students, and any interested in the education of children. If you have an a book or idea for a book that you think would be a valuable resource in the education of children, consider submitting a proposal. Guidelines for submissions are listed below.

Submitting a Proposal

The proposal is your opportunity to present your ideas to us for consideration. A well-developed proposal can stimulate you to focus your ideas but it also provides us the resources necessary for fairly evaluating your ideas and the potential for the success of your book. The proposal should include at least a prospectus, table of contents, sample material, a resume or vita, and a cover letter.

The prospectus is a detailed description of the book. The most important element of this is the description and should be included with any proposal. Some information may not be appropriate for your book (e.g., market considerations for a children’s literature book), but provide as much information as you can.

I. Description

A. Descriptive Overview – In two to four paragraphs provide a narrative description of the book, its aim or purpose, the readers you envision for the book (age group, profession, etc.), and other explanatory information.

B. Outstanding and Unique Features – Identify the features of the of the book that will distinguish it from other similar types of books.

C. Illustrative Material – Clarify the types and number of illustrations you envision for the book. State whether these will be drawings, photographs, line drawings, graphs, reproducibles, or other types of illustrations.

II. Table of Contents – An annotated table of contents (if appropriate for your text) should be included. This should include subchapters if planned.

III. Sample Material – Sample material may include two to three chapters of a chapter book or five to seven pages with illustrations of a children’s literature book. Sample material is not required, but including it will strengthen the proposal.

IV. Resume or Vita – A resume or vita should be included identifying your relevant experience and publications.

V. Supplemental Items

A. Timetable – Indicate your planned timetable for completing the book.

B. Length of Book – Indicate the expected number of pages.

C. Market Considerations – Market considerations refer to the types of books that are similar to yours and what groups the book might be sold to. In the proposal, identify similar types of books and what markets might be interested in purchasing the book if published.

VI. Cover LetterInclude a cover letter listing contact information (phone, address, email).

Submit your proposals to by mail to:
Ed Teall, Acquisitions Editor
Teachnology, Incorporated
87 Grandview Drive
Bloomingburg, New York 12721

or by email to:
Ed Teall