What Are the Major Education Journals?

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Education Journals are very important in making sure that teachers are well-aware of the newest trends, discoveries, innovations and updated knowledge of the subject that they are teaching. While educators impart knowledge to their students inside the classrooms, most often than not, the knowledge that they are imparting becomes obsolete through the years.

Seasoned teachers who are not updated with current discoveries are unaware that the things they are teaching their students are no longer accepted. This becomes one of the reasons students start to questions the credibility of the educational system. While educators believe that learning should not stop inside the classrooms, it always turns out that they never really practice what they preach. Since change is constant, making sure that, as educator, you are adept with every little change should be your primary concern.

In order to make sure that educators are credible, thereby making sure that education will be perceived credible as well, a lot of concerned organizations and individuals started to form publications in different subject matter that aims to help teachers do better with their field. While most of these journals are normally-peer reviewed, being mostly based from universities, the people who manage these journals are deemed credible in their field. If you want to know what are the major education journals, there are countless web based journals that are accessible to be viewed by the public.

Depending on the specific subject that you are interested on, there are many journals available for every subject. These journals are helpful in suggesting new methods of teaching that is adaptable to the new generation of students.

Math and Science journals are among the most abundant. Since these two subjects are perceived to be the most important and useful as these students becomes adult, yet, these two are also the most avoided, great focus are being given on teaching these subject. Mathematics in particular is one subject that most students find so difficult to absorb. While educators are providing extra avenues to ensure proper student learning, these journals can help in many different ways. The methods that these journals suggest are proven helpful in facilitating better learning to student; these are also tested to achieve the best result.

The good thing about these journals is they are created by concerned teachers, students and educational organizations that understand how learning works. They have the first-hand knowledge on the subject matter, the students and the environment. They have the credibility to come up with the solution to the problem of the educational system. As such, it can be concluded that their suggestions are noteworthy.

With technology making communication easy, these journals are readily available online for people who wanted to take advantage of the knowledge it provides. Educators and students can now be more adept with things that are happening in the field that they are in. As such, we can be sure that the things we are imparting inside the classroom are relevant and updated.

Students can also validate the things that are being imparted to them by their teachers. While it is the teachers role to make sure that all matter being discussed in the classroom are true and correct, students have also some percentage of responsibility to check that they are being given the right information. Being a responsible student will ensure that you are getting the right education for you.

If you want to check what are the major education journals available, the internet is the best place to start looking. You will have countless lists of relevant journal that is deemed useful whether you are an educator, a student or an enthusiast of a specific subject matter.

Educational Literature on Education Journals

  1. Academic Exchange Quarterly
  2. Academic Leadership - The Online Journal
  3. American Journal of Education
  4. Comparative Education Review
  5. Education Next: A Journal of Opinion and Research
  6. Education Policy Analysis Archives
  7. Elementary School Journal
  8. Harvard Education Letter
  9. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education
  10. Journal of Industrial Teacher Education
  11. Journal of Vocational and Technical Education
  12. Revista Iberoamericana de Educacion
  13. Teachers College Record
  14. TCRecord.org: The Voice of Scholarship in Education
  15. Teacher Librarian: The Journal for School Library Professionals