Teaching With Technology

Teaching Idea

"Internet Enrichment"
Janie L. Eldred, 6th Grade Teacher

"In our study of Asia, I had a brainstorm that has worked beautifully to improve communication between my students and I. I simply wrote my home e-mail address on the board and told students if they had any questions about our classes, needed information, or just wanted to chat, they could e-mail me and I would reply quickly. The 1st night I had 2 students, the 2nd night 2 students, and the 3rd night 5 students. I reply with the information they requested but also with a positive compliment about something they are doing in class. Then if I have time I also send an e-card. The students and I love it, and we are forging good relationships with each other. Furthermore, most of the students ask for web sites where they can research further on their assignments."

Teaching Idea

"Using TalaPhoto for Web-based Electronic Portfolios"
Peter Spicer-Wensley, LT Coordinator

"I used TalaPhoto free cross-platform software from Talasoft (www.talasoft.com) to create electronic portfolios from a series of digital photos. It is extremely easy to use to generate the web-based electronic portfolio and is a great tool. Recommended. Two big thumbs up!"

Teaching Idea

Portfolio Assessment
Brendan, 7th Grade Teacher: Boulder, Colorado

"Use technology to create portfolios of students' work. Teach your students how to create a web page where they can display there works, be it writing products, drawings, projects that they completed, etc. Teach them to use various technology equipment like scanners, digital photo capture, etc. so that they can include all medium in their portfolios. If they create a web page, they can work on their portfolios from home and you can visit their site and monitor work as it progresses. Student have fun doing it and you have a way to assess their work in progress."

Teaching Idea

Presentation Software
John, High School Teacher: Hudson, NY

"Get rid of the overhead projector and start using presentation software that will enahance your lectures. You can prepare your lectures on either "Microsoft Power Point" or "Corel Presentations." It is so easy to learn how to create slide presentations that you'll wonder why you might have waited so long! Once you get the hang of it, you can add graphics, sound, video, and so much more. Your lectures will never be the same. The students prefer this method so much more than straight lecture. It is great for visual learners and it also presents information in a much more appealing way. It is also a great way to file information that is so much easier to retreive than going through those paper files of the past! It's so much eGetting A Job Ice Breakers asier to manage your lecture material."

Teaching Idea

Charlotte Cross, A.R.T.S. (arts, reading, technology and skills) Coordinator

I always give the students a super short quiz the second they come into class. Students may test in pairs at home or school. They just need to be reminded that they are responsible for all the work we are doing.

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