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Plants Vocabulary List & Definitions



The part of a plant that bears seeds and also has reproductive organs.
germinate When a seed or spore begins to grow.
grow To undergo physical changes through natural occurrences. Usually results in becoming larger in size.
leaf The flat, green, areas of a plant that are attached to the stem.
petal Typically colored segments of a flower.
photosynthesis The method in which green plants and other organisms use sunlight to process nourishment from water and carbon dioxide.
plankton Organisms that occur in an area of water usually made up of small amounts of algae and protozoa.
root The part of the plant usually located by the ground that conveys nourishment.
seed The plant part that allows the rest of the plant to grow.
stem The supporting part of the plant that is usually above the ground.
chloroplast The area where photosynthesis takes place that contains chlorophyll.

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