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Vocab. Quiz: Grade Three (Grade 3) Vocabulary List Three


Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. special past tense and past participle of cry.
2. share the sound made by a duck, or a similar sound.
3. cried to touch or handle something lightly or idly with the fingers.
4. slip the color of snow or salt; the lightest achromatic color.
5. white having a body temperature below normal:
6. quack lacking the ability to see; sightless.
7. try to make an error.
8. blind the hard substance lying under the bark that composes the trunk and branches of a tree.
9. silly having a distinct or singular character:
10. wood
11. garden lacking good sense; foolish:
12. finger a young person of slender build:
13. slip belonging to oneself or itself alone:
14. cold an area of land used for cultivating flowers or vegetables.
15. own to attempt through deliberate effort.
16. word a portion of a whole, esp. as given to or owed by one member of a group.

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