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The Brain Teaser Five Pack Worksheet Version 10

1. If 376 people went to the mall on Saturday and three times as many people went to the mall on Sunday, how many people went to the mall for the whole weekend?



2. Jane had $20.00 to buy her mother something for her birthday. If she bought a rose for $2.10 and a purse for $15.95, how much money would she have left to buy her mother a birthday card?



3. If your grades in math are a 97, 82, 79, and 60, what is your average?



4. If there are 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute, how many seconds are in an hour?



5. Grandma has 8 apples. If she uses 6 1/4 apples to make an apple pie, how many apples does she have left?



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