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Our memberships will save you so much time. Membership materials are designed by classroom teachers. A membership costs less than 8 cents a day. Just give it a try! You'll save countless hours of time and love it!

 Supreme Membership             Cost: $49.99/year
Unlimited access to all membership materials.
Only 14 cents per day...a 47% savings.

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 Gold Membership                         Cost: $29.99/year
50,000+ K-12 worksheets, lesson plans, and printables.
Teacher templates, web quests, and learning activities.

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 Platinum Membership              Cost: $29.99/year
Worksheet makers, rubric makers, lang. arts / math worksheet makers.
Graphic organizers, puzzle makers, lesson plan maker, and time savers.

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 Silver Membership                      Cost: $29.99/year
Create on-line learning games, trivia, calendars, lessons,
math games, message boards, quizzes, and web pages.

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