Candle Making Projects For Teachers

  1. Beginner's Guide to Candle Makin' - Getting started tips as well as detailed step-by-step instructions for making votives and container candles.
  2. Cabbey's Candle Making Simply - Easy directions for making different types of candles.
  3. Campbell Light - Information on waxes, molds, and tips on candle making.
  4. The Candle Cauldron - A comprehensive site devoted to candlemaking and affiliated crafts. Popular messageboards, chat rooms, and resource locator.
  5. Candle Making Techniques - Illustrated candle making instructions, step by step projects, message boards, and free classifieds.
  6. Candle Teacher - An instructional site on basic candlemaking, including candle recipes and tips for selling candles.
  7. Crane Candle - Information on candlemaking with regard to wick, wax, colors, containers, and scent.
  8. The Essential Survival Guide to Candle Making - The complete "how-to" for the candlemaking newbie plus interesting information for confident artisans. Step by step instructions for basic projects and a wealth of links to related sites
  9. - Information about making gel candles and safely burning them.
  10. Homemade Candle Instructions - Instructions for making gel, parifin, natural, painted, and creative wire techniques used in home made candles.
  11. The Melting Pot - This is an informative site on the different candle making processes.
  12. The Soap and Candle Teacher - An instructional site on basic candle making and soapmaking, including candle recipes and tips for selling candles.
  13. Waxed Out Candlemaking - Comprehensive candlemaking information on candlemaking how-to, candlemaking projects, additional resources, and candlemaking materials.