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Native Americans in Ohio


  There were various tribes of Native Americans that relocated to the Ohio Valley. Many of these tribes lived very different lifestyles.
  Your task is to research information about one of these tribes. You will then create a brochure giving the information that you find.
  1. Pick 1 tribe from the following list:
*Fort Ancient
Each person will research their chosen tribe and tell the following information for that tribe.
Tell me:
1. How did your tribe end up in Ohio?
2. What kind of home did the tribe live in?
3. What did they primarily hunt?
4.What region of Ohio did they live in?
5. What food did they plant or gather?
6.Did they have unique burial sites?
7.What time period were they in Ohio?
8. Any unique information that you dsicovered about your tribe.

Take notes on the information you find. You will then go to Microsoft Publisher and create a brochure about your tribe.
  After your brochure is complete, print it out. You will hand in your final brochure for a grade.
  Students will discuss the information they have discovered.

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