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Native American Tribes


  You have a new job! You are now an Anthropologist (a scientist who studies the lives of human beings).Your research project will be investigating the tribes of The Assiniboine and The Sioux Native American Tribes. You will create a presentation on the homes, clothes, food and transportation of these First Americans.
  You are Anthropologists traveling Montana researching the Assiniboine and Sioux Indians. You will create a presentation detailing the attributes of the these Indians.
  1. Students will be divided into groups.

2. Each group will be required to answer questions on their Indian Tribe.

3. Using the websites listed below, each group will answer questions. They will research information in food, housing, and transportation, clothing, location, special ceremonies, lifestyles, etc. You will orally present your information to the group.

Research questions:

Research Question #1: Where did your tribe live? What did the housing look like?

Research Questions #2: What type of food did they eat? What special ceremonies did they celebrate?

Research Question #3: What type of transportation did your tribe use? Are there any notable or famous people from your tribe?

Research Question #4: What type of clothing was worn? What was their lifestyle?

Research Question #5: What does the name of your tribe mean?

Research Question #6: What language did your tribe speak?

Research Question #7:How did the children of your tribe live? What games did they play?

Research Question #8: What were their homes like in the past?

Research Question #9: What weapons did they use?

Research Question #10: What were their arts and crafts?

  The team's evaluation will be based on cooperation, attention to detail, accuracy of information, sentence structure and final project.

Evaluation Rubric


1. Needs Improvement/1 point
2. Satisfactory/2 points
3. Good Work/ 3 points
4. Excellent/4 points

Research Habits: 25%
1. The team needed much assistance to remain on task. The team did not complete the assigned task. 2. The team needed some assistance to remain on task. The team struggled through the process, but did complete the task.
3. The team was self-directed. The team was efficient in using their time. A solid effort was shown by both team members. The task was completed.
4. The team was self-motivated and continually on task. The team was organized, responsible and productive in their research. They went beyond expectation.

Accuracy of Information/Sentence structure: 25%
1. The final project had 5 or more errors in information or sentence structure.
2. The final project had 3-4 errors in information or sentence structure.
3. The final project had 1-2 errors in information or sentence structure,
4. The final project had no errors in information or sentence structure.

Final Presentation: 25%
1. The presentation was incomplete. 3 or more questions and topics were missing.
2. The presentation was incomplete. 1 or 2 questions and topics were not answered.
3. The presentation was omplete with all questions and topics covered.
4. The presentation was thorough and creative. The questions were neatly written.

Teamwork and Presentation: 25%
1. Did not participate in the team activity. Showed little or no cooperation. Uneven team presentation. 2. Participated in team task.Showed some resistance to assignment. Final presentation was missing some elements.
3. Participation in team task. Listened to partner, worked well together. Showed cooperation and willingness. Final presentation was thorough.
4. Participated in team task with enthusiam and cooperation. Listened to partner, worked well together. Final presentation was creative and interesting.


Total Score:
  Congratulations on completing your 1st webquest. Please write 2 sentences stating how you think the process of completing this assignment went and what you thought of it.

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