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Local and State Government


  What do you know about the state in which you live or other states around you? This assignment will serve as a starter to help you know what is really going on with the processes of local, and state government. You will then compare your findings to other students with different states. A presentation of projects will also be done.
  To learn about the local,and state government in which you live.
How do elections work? What are the effects of elections on your local area? How do these compare with other states?
  1. Groups of 3 to 4 students will be assigned.

2. Pick the state in which you will be researching. Each group will have the appropriate number of states to the group. ( 3 students to 3 states)

3. You will need to have the template given to you filled out for approval. Once completed you will be allowed to divide the work up among you. Each student will be required to help with presentation so keep this mind when deciding who will do what.
  You may use the following resources:
Internet Sites must be referenced and sited correctly. I will be checking.

Social Studies Book

Interviews and local information will be accepted as long as the referenced material is factual and can be backed up. No source, Don't use it!
  Students will be evaluated in 3 ways:
1. Student evaluations will be done as projects are presented. There is an example of what will be graded on with information packet.

2. Teacher Evaluations will also be done.

3. Written Project that is turned in will also be graded.
  I hope this project will broaden your minds to how government works and how it relates to the world in which you live.

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