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Life in Mesopotamia


  The ancient land of Mesopotamia has been called the cradle of Western Civilization. Mesopotamians invented many ingenious tools, including the wheel, the plow and the calendar. They even developed a system of writing.
  Use the following websites to answer the questions on your worksheet. Use Read, Write, and Gold to help you with your reading.

Question 1: What was a typical day in that person's life like?

Question 2: What did he or she do in the morning?

Question 3: What did he or she do in the afternoon?

Question 4: What did he or she do in the evening?

Question 5: Where did the person sleep?

Question 6: What kind of clothes would the individual wear?

Question 7: How would your life be different than the life you live now?

Question 8: How would it be harder? How would it be easier?
  After you have chosen your individual from our list, use the web sites to try to find the answers to your questions.

  You will write a journal called the Day in the Life. You will describe the activities and events in a typical day in the life of their chosen Sumerian. Your journal should include at least three specific details, for example, instead of writing that they ate breakfast, you should describe exactly what you ate. You should describe your clothing. You might also describe your family living quarters. Remember to include details from your research.
  Finally on the back of your journal, write a reflection on how you found the research process and if it was helpful to you to gain information.

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