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Legislative Process


  In class we have discussed the 3 branches of government, the executive, legislative and judicial. Each branch has a unique function in the implementation of laws for this country. We will be focusing on the introduction of legislation in the House and Senate. What is the process?
  Your assignment is research 5 bills from the current legislative class. You can pick legislation that was introduced in the House, the Senate or both. You will follow their course to becoming a law by looking at which committees heard them, who sponsored them and whether they ever made it to the President's desk for a signature. You are free to pick any legislation you like, but it might be rewarding to follow ones that affect you, your future career plans or the state in which you live.
  Working in teams of 3, you will access the websites provided (and any additional that you may find). Your group will prepare a presentation for the class on the legislation you have chosen. Remember that you must address who the sponsor and cosponsors are, which committee heard the legislation, if it was voted on by the full House and Senate and if the president signed it into law.
  Please use the following sites as a guide. Remember, these are a suggestion and you may use other valuable and reliable sources that you find.
  Your presentation will be scored by the attached rubric.
  This assignment should give be a better understanding of the legislative process and the ways in which it affects you. But looking at bills in both the House and Senate you should gain an understanding of the ways in which a bill becomes a law.

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