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Latin America


  Latin America! What a beautiful place to visit! It is located in the Western Hemisphere. Latin American consists of many countries, beginning with the country of Mexico in North America. Stretching from the warm Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, to just above the Antarctic Circle, its landforms are varied. Dense rainforests, vast rolling grasslands, jagged snow-capped mountains, tumbling waterfalls, and one of the driest places in the world can all be found here. Latin Americas scenic landscapes are perfect for post cards!

You are an artist and you have applied for a job designing post cards for an international company. If you are selected for this assignment, you will travel to some of the most unique and beautiful spots in the world.
  Congratulations! You have been selected by Information Earth, Inc., a company that produces post cards designed to provide information about the geography of the earth. You have been hired to work with a team of artists to illustrate and describe the landforms of Latin America. To do your job well, you must become an expert about the geography of this area. Your task is to investigate the geography of Latin America for the purpose of designing informational post cards, and with your team, create a portfolio of postcard designs for publication.
  Before the president of Information Earth, Inc. will approve your team's postcard designs for production, your team must produce a portfolio to present to the board of directors of the company. This portfolio must contain all of your team's postcard designs as well as research evidence proving the accuracy of the information on the postcards. Remember, you are all artists, so all of your work must be creative, artistic, neat, and colorful. To prepare your portfolio, complete the steps below:

Step One--Create a Team Portfolio Folder
Create a portfolio folder in which to store your postcard designs. Give your portfolio a creative title. Include the name of each member of the team on the front cover.

Step Two--Learn the Geography of Latin America
You must become an expert on the geography of Latin America. Each member of the team must complete the following activities. Include each team member's completed work products in your team's portfolio.

A. Each member of the team must locate and identify the following countries below on maps provided to you by your teacher.
- South America's 12 independent countries and the capital city of each by labeling them.
- Central America's 8 independent countries and their capitals
- Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and their capitals
- Be sure the map is colorful and neat.

Use the following links to research the information or crack open your textbook.

B. Physical Features of Latin America Match Up Worksheet
Use your social studies textbook or the links below to find the definition of the physical features listed on the worksheet and complete the match up. Your teacher will provide the worksheet.

Step Three--Collaborate with Your Team
Your team must work together cooperatively to decide which physical features or landforms each team member will be responsible for completing. Each team member must complete four postcard designs, and all of the features listed below must be included in the team's portfolio.

1. Amazon Basin

2. Andes Mountains

3. Atacama Desert

4. Brazilian Highlands

5. Gran Chaco

6. Guiana Highlands

7. Llanos

8. Mt. Aconcagua

9. Pampas

10. Patagonia

11. Lake Titicaca

12. Iguazu Falls

13. Angel Falls

14. Plateau of Mexico

15. Sierra Madre West
16. Costal Plains of Mexico

Step Four--Create Postcard Designs
Each postcard must have a detailed illustration with a label of the physical feature or landform. Each illustration must also include a written description of the physical feature or landform and its location to be included on the back of the postcard. Use the form provided by your teacher to create each postcard.

Step Five--Create a Table of Contents
Create a table of contents for your team's portfolio. List the landforms or physical features in alphabetical order. Arrange your postcard designs in the order listed in the table of contents.

You will be evaluated individually and as a member of your team. Your evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

Individual Evaluation
- Latin America map labeled with each country and its capital city
- Physical Features worksheet
- 4 postcards

Group Evaluation
- group cooperation
- participation in creation of team portfolio

  Wasnt Latin America fabulous? You learned about each country, its capital city, and their location. You have had the opportunity to learn about the physical features of this interesting place, and you have viewed it from an artists point of view.

Although you have learned a lot about the geography of Latin America, many questions still remain. What is the climate like in Latin America? How does the climate compare and contrast from one region to another? How does location affect climate? What bodies of water border this area? Where are Latin Americas natural harbors? What natural resources are found within its borders and where are they located? What agricultural products are found here?

Hopefully, you will investigate these questions, continue to ask more, and continue a quest for knowledge of Latin America!

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