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Land Use Problems


  INTRODUCTION (environment)

It is a few months before the next general elections and you wish to enjoy your post as Minister of the Environment for another term. In addition to the esteem associated with such a position, you also enjoy a lovely pay package of $210,000.00 (US) per year plus perks.

The problem is that your counterparts in the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Finance are proposing to build a brand new 16 acre Aluminum Smelter Plant in an effort to stimulate further economic growth. Their plans somehow leaked to the media and has generated a shockwave of negative press .

The proposed sight of construction is a reclaimed section of the Monty Swamp since it is the only land that is large enough to accommodate such a facility. Adjacent to the swamp, just off the coast is the Fisher Coral Reef. A group of environmental activists has been quite vocal and are calling on you and your team to publicly address the issue.

You and your team are responsible for writing and presenting a speech (no shorter than 5 minutes) to address the nation regarding the governments position on the proposed sight of construction of the Aluminum Smelter Plant. You are expected to research coral reef and mangrove ecosystems, the organisms that reside there and the importance of these ecosystems to man and to other organisms. Remember that you cant afford to force an unpopular issue just mere weeks before the general elections (remember what happened to the last regime)

A copy of your speech is to be submitted to your teacher for proofing before your address to the nation. Your address will be recorded so that it could be aired at prime time.
  Your team consists of the following specialists with the following responsibilities:

* Minister of the Environment - assist with compiling the speech and presenting the finished speech

* Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of the Environment - collects summaries from the environmental biologists and compiles the speech with the ministers help.
* Environmental Biologist (coral reefs) - researches the importance of coral reefs to man and the organisms that live there
* Environmental Biologist (mangrove swamps) - researches the importance of mangrove swamps to man and the organisms that live there.

Happy Researching
  PROCESS (environmental impact)

Use the following links to help gather the information necessary to write a convincing speech





Your team will be assessed in two ways:

* your written speech
* your address to the nation

Below you will find an example of how these assignments will be marked
  Given the information that you have researched would you still suggest that a smelter plant should be considered?

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