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Japanese Arts Festival


  For this task, you will be the teachers. You will work in cooperative groups to investigate one Japanese art form. Then, you will create a presentation that can be shared with the students in another class. Your presentation must be informative and interesting to the audience. This is your opportunity to be teachers, so you will need to do your best work and be fully prepared. Good luck!
  You will be assembled into cooperative groups.
You will investigate the art form using resources found in this WebQuest. As you investigate, you will complete an Information Sheet that you will use to develop your presentation. This will allow you, as teachers, to organize your information so you'll know what you will be teaching.
You will create a presentation for class. Your presentation will include information from your sheet. It may be in any form that you believe students will find interesting. This includes posters, skits (short plays) puppet shows, or computerized slide shows. At the end of your presentation, you must show the students how to perform the art and provide them help so they can take part in the activity. It won't be fun for them if all they do is sit and listen to the teachers.
You will teach the class how to "do" the art form using your presentation.
  The Process
1. You will be directed by your teacher to select the art form you are interested in studying.
2. Assemble into your art groups when directed by your teacher.
3. Assign the following jobs in order to complete the task:

Leader - makes certain everyone is performing their job correctly
Writer - writes the groups answers on the information sheet
Reader - reads the directions and information found throughout the task
Time Keeper - makes certain the group is working at a steady pace
Encourager - encourages others to do their best and handles the clicking on the computer
4. Print a copy of the Information Sheet.
5. Complete the top of the sheet by recording your names and the name of your art form.
6. You will select the appropriate art form and follow the individual directions:


7. Create a presentation that you can present to a chosen class. Remember, you can chose to present your art form in any way that you feel would interest them. You must include samples of your art form that you have created or found in your research that the class could also make. You might want to create posters, write a puppet show or skit, or create a computerized slide show.
8. Now, you must decide how you will do your demonstration. As a teaching team, you will need to introduce yourselves to your students and take turns presenting the information. You will need to develop your student demonstration.
9. Practice, practice, practice your demonstration!!!
10. Teach the class about your art form.

  Your performance will be evaluated using a scoring guide designed just for this task. You will receive two grades for this project. First, you will be evaluated on the presentation you create. Then, you will be evaluated on how well you teach the first graders.
  Wow! You did a great job teaching the class about Japanese art. And, just like all teachers, you learned many things along the way. At the end of a task, good teachers always take some time to think back over their lesson. Think back over your demonstration for the class. What did your group do well? What do you think you could improve to give a better demonstration next time?

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