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In Search of Poe


  Edgar Allan Poe was a gifted writer and a driven and complicated person. Knowing more about his life experiences will help you to better appreciate and understand his stories and poems.
  In what ways did Poe's life experiences affect his writing? In your quest, you will discover some things about Poe's childhood, his (short) adult life, and some of the kinds of stories and poems he wrote.
  1. Preview and think about the questions on your web quest worksheet.
2. Survey the sites listed below to determine which might be best to use to gather the information you need.
3. In your own words, answer the questions on your worksheet. Be sure to site the website from which you got information beneath your answer.
Resources:, Robert Giordano - intro, bio, timeline, story summaries
Biography - Text and Video
Poe Museum - Bio - Poems, bio
Qrisse's Poe Pages
Poe Decoder
1. Thoroughness and correctness of written answers
2. Clarity of your presentation
3. Quality of your notes on others' presentations
  Write an entry on my blog describing the most interesting thing you learned and one thing you would do differently if you were doing this web quest again.

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