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How to Use PowerPoint


  In this webquest we will teaching you how to use a PowerPoint. Good Luck! :)
  In this task you will be learning how to use design, wordart,how to change your font, the color, how to add video and audio to your slide. You also be learning how to add pictures to your slides and text boxes and charts.
  To add a theme go to design and click the theme you want to use for each slide. For wordart go to insert and click wordart then choose the type of wordart you want to add to your slide. Changing your font type, color, and size is extremely easy all you do is go to home and click where the names of different fonts are and choose which one you want, then for the color you go to the color space and choose the color you would like to use, for size just click the where it has the number 12 and choose want size you want your words to be. For video and Audio go to insert and go all the way to the right and click on video or audio which ever one you want to use. To put pictures on your slide just find one on the Internet copy it then go to your slide and right click then click paste, you can make the picture bigger or smaller by click it and dragging the outside of the picture. To use textbox go to insert and and click textbox then go to where you want it and just click. Adding charts is easy just go to insert and click chart then choose the kind of chart your wanting to add.
  You will be graded on how you understand and complete the project.
You will need the following things dont right in your project.
-Word art
-Text box

  Question One- Was it easy to fallow the directions?

Question Two- Was it easy to find the things on the PowerPoint.?

Question Three- Did you complete the Web quest without any problems?

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