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How to Use Excel 2010


  Excel is the world's premier spreadsheet software. You can use excel to keep track of data and represent your information using graphs. You can manage more data then before with the 2010 excel. In this web quest you will be learning how to use the Microsoft Excel 2010.
  You have to learn how to use Excel 2010 to help with school projects and to keep track of useful information you have to know for your work. You will be answering questions and learning how to use this program.
  How can you make a chart on Excel?
1.) Take a survey of all your friends and ask if they have any dogs, cats, both, none, or other.
Put it in excel like this example.

Cats Dogs Other None
Gary 3 2 0 0
Josh 1 1 3 0
Taylor 1 2 2 0
Michaela 1 3 0 0
Sydney 0 2 2 0
Dakota 0 0 0 1

2.) After you do that, make a chart by highlighting your information and then going to the insert tab. After youre there, pick what type of chart you want.

3.) Look for a car you want to buy. See how much gas would be to fill your tank. Use formulas to help you find how much all of gas would cost if you went 5,000 miles. To use a formula you have to do =SUM(cellnumber*cellnumber) in the cell which you would like the answer to be in. An example would be

Car Gas Price Per Gallon Miles Gallons Per Tank Price of Gas In All
Honda $2.48 5,000 5 =SUM(b2*c2)

4.) Pretend you have to go shopping for a party. You are the host so you have to buy all of the food and drinks and be the best host you can. Go online and find stuff for your party. Make a chart for what youre going to buy and how much it is. Remember to stay in your budget, which is $80. To get all of your numbers to have dollar signs, highlight the B column, go to the home tab, go to the number section, and do the $ symbol, or go above that and instead of General pick currency. An example would be

Food Item Price
Pop $10.00
Chips $5.00
Chex Cereal $5.00
Raisins $2.00
M&M's $5.00
Popcorn $7.00
Nuts $5.00
Pretzels $7.00
Marshmallows $6.00
Big Bowls $12.00
Dip for chips $7.00 Total: $71.00
5.) After that make a pie chart to see what costs more than the others.
Resources: and search the keywords Excel Training

You can use any of these websites for help.
  You will be evaluated on how well you answered the question and how well you did your chart and Excel. You will also be evaluated on how you did your formulas, followed directions, didnt go over your budget, and how well you understood everything.
  We hope you had fun and know how to use the Excel 2010 now.

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