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Floor Tile Dilemma


  Thank you for coming to work for The Tiling Specialists! You are a valuable employee and will be working with a group of other tilers in order to "tile" an area of the classroom. You will need to use your measuring and problem solving skills throughout your work!
  Your task is to tile a section of the classroom with the tile squares that you have been given. You must follow the process for tiling and the instructions on the mortar for mixing.
  1. First you must determine how many tiles to buy. Measure your area and multiply the length by the width in order to find the square footage. This will tell you how many tiles you need.

2. Since there are 10 tiles in each box, how many boxes will you need?

3. How much money will it cost you if each box cost $30

4. Find the center of your space in the classroom. Place the tiles so that when you glue them down, there will be an even space on each side for partial tiles. Try to make the partial tiles the same on the top and bottom of your space as well. Remember to have a 1/8 space between each square for grout. You must figure that into your measurements.

5. Glue down the squares so that there is 1/8 of an inch between each.
  Rulers and yardsticks
  Your outcome should be a tiled area that is equally spaced and a worksheet which answers the questions in the process section.
  On your worksheet, include a conclusion that describes your process and thinking, any problems that you had, etc.

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