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Ephemeral Wetlands


  You and your team are in charge of constructing an ephemeral wetland for your community. It is your duty to make sure that the communities wetlands are making a comeback.
  Your team is to construct a blueprint for a ephemeral wetland that we will construct at a later date. It is your duty to research the most successful location, elevation, surrounding habitat, and best soil for your project. You are also to create a identification guide to possible tenants of your wetland throughout the year.
  First your group will need to collaborate on what organisms you want in your wetland. Then after you research that then you will use the resources provided and determine the best location for your wetland. Wetlands need proper soil so follow your references! They know what they are doing. After a site has been approved within the group, determine specific organisms that you would like to see in your wetland. Different organisms need habitat specific wetlands to survive and reproduce. Upon completion of all previous steps then your I.D. guide for the wetlands organisms must be completed. I will help with all questions and identification but Iwant you to attempt to try as a group to complete all steps. Once your group is complete we will take a field trip and actually construct your wetland! So take pride in your hard work because it isn't going unnoticed!
  Your grade will be evaluated based on how accurate your wetland is compared to the surrounding habitat and the organisms you have living in it. I want no less then 30 organisms per wetland for an A and no less then 5 for a D. This assignment is not that difficult with the resources Ii have provided so use them. If you cant find answers ask me. I am here to help you!
  Upon completion of the project and the final construction of your teams wetland I want a 1 page written reflection on what you have learned about wetlands. I would like to know how you feel about how your team progressed through the project and if you feel that your project is successful.

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