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  As a parent educator, our primary goal is to promote parental empathy and attachment. Attachment is a deep enduring relationship, between a child and a parent/caregiver, beginning in the early years of life that influences: feelings about self; relationships with others; brain development; sense of world; and physical health and growth. Parental empathy is the ability to accurately understand what a child is experiencing/feeling and responding in ways that support the childs growing sense of self and self-regulation
  In what ways can we, or what resources can we use to, engage overburden families in learning about these topics? Using the curriculum and research articles, determine the best-practice for engaging parents in empathetic parenting and increasing positive attachment for social emotional development.
  Develop a lesson plan for your families for a month to address empathy and attachment. Make sure to include what you will do when your families are disengaged.
  1. Zero To Three;; Zero To Three is a national, nonprofit organization that informs, trains, and supports professionals, policymakers, and parents in the lives of infants and toddlers.
2. Child Development Institute;; Child Development Institutes primary goal is to provide information to parents based on current research that is both comprehensive and practical to enable parents to help each child develop to their own full potential.
3. Kids Health;; Kids Health is the #1 most-visited web site for childrens health and development.
4. Original Play;; conveys a message of connection that is a powerful alternative to fear and contest behavior
5. The National Association for Child Development;; An international organization of parents and professionals dedicated to helping children and adults reach their potential
6. Parenting Advice, Activities for Children, Family Games & Recipes; Parenting information with educational printables, games, activities for kids, child development tools, parenting ideas & advice, and learning disabilities information.
7. Early Child Development;; World Banks Early Child Development (ECD) is part of the Child and Youth Group in Human Development Network with a mission to improve the World Banks funding for ECD.
8. Child Development - NCBDD;; Information and resources on child development and positive parenting.
9. Child Development & Early Childhood Development Advice;; Explore early child development, learning stages, and parenting advice at PBS Parents.
10. Baby Center;; A one-stop-shop for everything related to development of baby, from womb to big kid.
valuable, a teacher must thoroughly review each source.

Growing Great Kids Curriculum & Growing Great Family Curriculum. Growing Great Kids Training DVDs and the Zero To Three National Training Institute 2010 Conference DVD.
  Your evaluation will be based on the home visit lesson plan
  Which of the resources was most helpful and easier to use with your families? What changes would you make to your lesson plan after using it with one of your families?

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