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Culture Party


  Food is an essential part of sustaining life. However, trying new foods and figuring out what one likes can be exciting! Eating is not only vital, but exciting as well. One way to try new foods is to travel around the world because people in different places eat many different things, creating diverse menus.

Thinking about foods from around the world, you will be assigned one country and research what those people eat, the music they listen to, what they wear, and so on. This will help build a picture of that culture.
  You are to answer the following question in a one-page paper that will be handed in to me.

What are the important aspects of the particular culture that you researched and how do they differ from American culture?

You will then illusrate the different aspects of your research (food, music, attire, etc.) with a group (3-4 people) in the form of a "dinner party".
  1. You will be assigned to a group of 3 to 4 students and each person will be assigned a country to research.

2. After getting your assigned country to research, we will go, as a class, to the computer lab in order to begin the research process.

3. You are to research the following:
d.Important figures in the history of that particular place
*You may add anything else that you think is important.

4. You will then write your own paper on the question assigned above and hand it in.

5. The following day, the class will get into groups for the "dinner party". Each person is asked to bring some sort of dish that was part of the culture researched. Each student also has the option to dress up to illustrate more of the culture for other members.

6. Students will introduce themselves to each other in the group and tell the members where he or she is from, what he or she eats, the music listened to, the type of clothing worn, and who may be important figures in his or her history. Students will enjoy food and facts about different places around the world.
  Cultures are constantly changing and no two cultures are alike. Think about how the culture you researched differs from your own culture and how your researched culture differs from your friends' researched cultures.

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