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Community Helpers


  There are many people in a community that have a job of helping others. Community Helpers are a very important part of our communities. Community Helpers give their time helping others. Some examples of Community Helpers are: Doctors, postal workers, nurses, teachers, librarians, fire men and women, and police men and women. This lesson will introduce you to many helpers in your community.

How many people can you think of that have jobs to help others?

You will play a part in your community. You may choose to be a Police Officer, Fire Man or Woman, Librarian, Teacher, Postal Worker, Construction Worker, Nurse or Doctor. At the end of this lesson you will dress up and act out the "job" that you do as a community helper.


Your job is to look at the resources website and listen to the different community helpers. Think about one community worker you would either like to be or would like to share about.

In this section you will explore the job and responsibilities for your role playing.

First, Decide on which Community Helper you will represent.

Next, read through the questions below to find out more about the Community Helper.

1. What is your main job?
2. Who do you help?
3. How does your job help in the community?

Be sure that you go over all three points in your presentation.


Click on the link to learn about different community helpers. When you click on the picture, you can listen to what each community helper has to say.

Community Helpers Video:
Police Officer, Mayor, Pizza Maker, Fire Fighter, Librarian, Vetenarian, Doctor-
Construction Worker-

After viewing the websites, go to the dramatic play center and choose your accessories and uniform for your profession. Don't forget that you will be responsible for the information that you have learned about your community helper.

  Each student will share with the class what they learned about one community helper. Also, the student must find a picture of that community helper (from a magazine or the web) and bring it to class.

The students will have time to do this webquest at school or at home. After we have shared, questions will be asked, by the teacher, to see if students have learned something about community helpers before beginning on our community helpers unit.

As you have learned Community Helpers have many important roles in our community. Without these people in our community we would not have many of the things that we have now. Without Doctors and Nurses we would not be able to be diagnosed when we are sick. Without firefighters we would have no one to put out fires and help others in need. Without police officers we would not have a law service to protect us. Without Librarians we would not have anyone to help us research topics with us and select the perfect book. These community helpers do all these things and more. If you would like more information about Community Helpers visit the library and ask your favorite librarian.

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