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Advertising Art


  Advertising within society today uses many forms of propaganda. Advertising companies today use comic strips, sculptures, mixed media and other unique methods in order to persuade consumers to buy their product.
  You are to persuade the consumers to buy your product by instituting a unique form of art within your advertisement. You can use any art form you would like in order to made your advertisement. Please refrain from using any sexual innuendo in your advertisement.
  You will have a week to complete the project. The first day will be an introduction over the many artforms within advertising. You will have time to do your project in class but you are expected to finish a majority of the work outside of class.
  If you need ideas for your advertisement project please use the following websites...

  5- Advertisement is creative and visually appealing. Persuasive in attempting to persuade the consumer and utilizes 3 advertising techniques.

3- Advertisement is somewhat appealing and is persuasive.

1- Advertisement does not utilize any creativity and is not persuasive or appealing.
  The purpose of this project is to expose you to the different art forms within advertising that are used around you. The key to making a good advertisement is to be creative and persuasive!

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