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Area and Perimeter Project


  There are many real world applications involving perimeter and area. For this project, you will be required to apply the information you have learned about perimeter and area.
  You will play the role of architect, designer, and contractor.

Option 1: Create 2 rooms of a house. You must decide what type of rooms you want to create. Decide how the rooms are to be decorated. You must include type and selection of floor covering (with sample if possible and cost calculations based on the square footage), paint color with swatch, and surface area calculations used to determine the cost for paint, and a 3-d model of your room. Use markers or craft paint to get the colors as close as you can. You must also decide on either crown or floor molding for each of your rooms. Include a carefully drawn sketch of your rooms showing the dimensions. Include cost calculations based on the perimeter of the room. Your budget is $1000. Provide a calculation summary showing how much each item cost and showing if you were over or under budget. Projects will be shared with the class. Bonus points awarded for quality.

Option 2: You will be required to design a floor plan of an entire house and provide a blueprint*. You must calculate the square footage of each room in the house. Label the bedrooms, and living area with their dimensions. You decide if there will be a basement, and whether or not it will be "finished". Explore home values online to determine if finishing the basement will increase your home's value. Include an explanation of why you did or did not include a basement. Calculate the cost of fencing all or a portion of your yard. Research to find out if fencing the yard will or will not increase the value of your home. Explain your reasoning. Research where in town you would like to build your home and explain your rationale including the expected selling price of your home. Project to be presented to class. Bonus points awarded for exceptional quality.
  Step one: Choose your project.

If you choose option 1: Choose the rooms you want to create. Begin gathering supplies that you will need such as a medium sized shoe box, fabrics, craft paints/markers,super glue,etc. Determine how big to make your rooms, and draw a sketch to show the dimensions. Calculate perimeter and area before going to the home store. To build furniture you may use items from home such as thin cardboard (cereal box). Cut and form the cardboard, decorate with markers or paint, and attach to the inside of shoe box using super glue.

Plan a visit to a home store or shop online to obtain prices for floor coverings, paint, and molding. Use your room dimensions to calculate perimeter and area and use these figures to calculate the cost of painting, flooring, and molding each or your rooms.

Option 2: Sketch your floor plan on paper first. Go to the web site listed under "Resources" to construct your blue print online. Don't forget to print it out. Be mindful when designing your house that you must be able to calculate the square footage of each bedroom, the living area, and the house as a whole.

Go to the other web sites listed under "Resources" to research where you want to build your home, home values with and without basements, if the basements are finished, and if the yards are fenced. Make notes as you do your research.

You must turn in a written report summarizing your project, including the type of home you chose, explaining the decisions you made regarding the location of your home, the basement, and the fencing. our report must neatly show your calculations including estimated cost to fence based on the yard perimeter. Be sure to include an estimated selling price. Compare your home to another home in the area you are researching that has your selection of basement and fencing options.
Resources: or other real estate site showing local homes for sale.

Then make a blueprint visit:
  You will be provided with the rubric that I will use for grading.
  The last step, at last! Math Journal entry: In one to two paragraphs, reflect you how felt about this assignment and what you have learned.

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