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Animal ABC Book


  You have been asked by the school librarian to create an Animal ABC book. The librarian wants to add your book to the collection of books in the school library. Other students your age will read your book. You will read ABC books, especially The Ocean Alphabet Book and Swimming Through the Alphabet. While reading these books, look at the author's style of writing, the format of the book, and the illustrations. Research different animals with your group. Your challenge is to create an ABC book that includes items from your chosen animals using all of the letters of the alphabet. Try to come up with an original idea and format. This is your chance to be an author and illustrator of a children's book.
  Your task is to create an ABC book about different animals for children your age.
  In this section, the teacher leads the student through the task. The
teacher offers advice on how to manage time, collect data, and
provides strategies for working in group situations.

* Read a variety of ABC books to analyze style, format, illustrations, etc.
* Research different animals using the internet, encyclopedias, and books.
* Pick an animal an interesting information about it for each letter of the alphabet.
* Collect information and illustrations for the subject chosen for each letter.
* Create the format of the book.
* Write and illustrate the final copy.
* Bind the book.

1. Work in groups of 4 students
2. You need to assign roles for each of your members: (While all members of the group will do the research, you will need one person to coordinate the following jobs.)
* editor (this person proofreads all of the pages to check for accuracy, proper spelling, and grammar)
* writer (this person checks to makes sure all of the letters of the alphabet are included and the information on all pages is written in a consistent manner)
* illustrator (this person makes sure that each letter has an illustration and the illustrations flow from one page to the next)
* publisher (this person makes sure the pages are typed or neatly written, there is a title page, the pages are in order and there is an appropriate cover for the book)
3. Your group researches oceanography and picks a topic for your ABC book. Some possible topics for a book might include: sea shells, tide pools, sea mammals, fish, the sea shore, sea plants, water, ocean life, etc.
4. Each group member should decide on the letters of the alphabet to research. Discuss with your group the format of the book and decide how much writing will accompany each alphabet letter. Prepare a rough draft of the pages you are responsible for. Each letter of the alphabet should have at least 4-5 sentences of text. Make sure you have an illustration for each letter.
5. Use the computer to type one letter per page. Decide where the illustrations will be placed so you know where to put the written material. If needed, use Claris Works to increase the size of the letter for each page.
6. Decide on the medium to be used for the illustrations. You can use crayon, paint, chalk, felt pen, or colored pencil. Make your illustrations accurate and appealing to the reader. Technologically advanced students may choose to import graphics or illustrate using Kid Pix or Kid Works.
7. Decide on how the book will be bound. You can use a book binding machine if available.
8. Read your book to your peers and to the students in a lower grade before it is placed in the library.

  This unit is based on the following ABC books:
* The Ocean Alphabet Book - Jerry Pallotta
* Swimming Through the Alphabet - Kristin Joy Pratt

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