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All Quiet on the Western Front Historical Contexts


  It is imperative for everyone to understand the historical contexts of All Quiet on the Western Front (AQ). AQ is set during World War I (WWI); however, many students confuse the history of WWI with WWII. This WebQuest is designed to expose students to the history and culture of the time period.
  Create a powerpoint that answers these objectives and explains the following concepts:
1. What was the catalyst that started WWI? How did this one event trigger the Great War?
2. What weapons were used during WWI? How were they used? What were their effects on the victims?
3. What is life like in the trenches for the typical German soldier?
4. Explain the concepts of trench warfare and no mans land.
5. Be able to give a brief summary of what happened during the war, its resolution, and its aftereffects.
  Using the resources below, research the topics to answer the objective questions. I have provided a more detailed explanation of the questions below.
1. What was the catalyst of WWI? Explain who was involved, who became involved, and why. Make sure to include the countries that were involved on both sides (Allied Powers vs Central Powers).
2. Make sure to research these weapons: flamethrower, gas, bayonet, tank, machine gun, submarine, airplane, and 3" mortar. Explain the efficiency and psychological effects that the weapons had on victims (psychological effects only needed for underlined weapons).
3. Describe the living conditions for the soldiers; describe food rations, diseases/conditions, how they slept, ate, etc.
4. What is trench warfare? Why did armies use this tactic? What weapons or equipment (barbed wire) was used? What is no mans land? Why was it dangerous?
5. Think of the who, what, when, where, why, and how. Who fought? Who won? What battles occurred? When did they occur? When did pivotal moments of the war occur? Where did the majority of the fighting occur? Why were the pivotal battles won? How were they won? Explain how the war was finished and the effects on the countries.
  Here are several sources that will prove helpful. You can use your own websites, but please do not use Wikipedia.
  Your powerpoint should be a minimum of thirteen-sixteen slides and should include pictures and/or graphics. The power point must answer all of the "Task" and "Process" questions. Please make sure to edit your power point for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. Finally, identify which websites you used on your last slide (Works Cited). Yes, this slide will count as one of your slides.
  Your powerpoint will be due on Friday. If time permits, then you will have some additional time tomorrow in class.

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