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High School Arts and Humanities Lesson Plans

  • Ancient Greek Theatre - The students will learn how to make their own appearance look older. They will be asked to present their own aged face for a final presentation.
  • Creating A Castle - They will learn castle terms, as well as all of the different rooms and details needed to complete their individual castles.
  • Creating Packing Tape Casts - In this activity students use packing tape to create casts of objects. They apply several layers of tape around an object.

Other Lesson Plans That We Enjoy

  1. Allegory in Painting
  2. An Introduction to the Relationship Between Composition and Content in the Visual Arts
  3. Color Me Happy: Color, Mood, and Tone
  4. Common Visions, Common Voices
  5. Everything in Its Right Place: An Introduction to Composition in Painting
  6. Horse of a Different Color: An Introduction to Color in the Visual Arts
  7. Images at War
  8. In Depth with the Full Spectrum
  9. Learning the Blues

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