Did you start to count the number of days until school starts?

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Did you start to count the number of days until school starts?

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If you are counting the number of days until school starts that can mean a few things. Perhaps you are eager and excited to begin, to meet all of your new students and embark on their year of learning. Hopefully you are not so disenchanted with your career that you feel you want to get started just so you can get the year over with. For some teachers, the beginning of a new school year means money in the bank after a summer of no wages. Whatever your particular reason is, you are not alone. A small majority of teachers report that they too start to count the days.

September is the teaching profession's springtime. It's a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. Many students approach the time with the same feelings you have. Some are excited while others are dreading the workload. Seeing work colleagues again isn't that different from students looking forward to touching base with friends they haven't seen all summer. Last year's class is a memory for both you and the students but you can both look forward to new challenges and celebrations. Helping students grow and learn and, hopefully, being appreciated for your efforts is one of the best parts of being a teacher.

If you are looking forward to the start of school for all the right reasons, try to enjoy the year because it will be over all too soon. Students have a way of growing up right before your eyes and if you truly enjoy your job then you can watch and wonder as they learn and grow. Even if your feelings aren't quite so positive, the school year isn't really that long and you're bound to find a whole host of celebratory things if you try.

Before you know it June will be upon us and another end to the school year. Back to the summer, back to sleeping in, for some it's back to alternate summer jobs, and for others it's back to an emptying bank account. But that's months away from now. For now, enjoy the days, enjoy the pay check and enjoy the students. Summer will be here in no time.