Who is the most excited about the last day of school?


The results of this poll certainly reveal who the poll recipients were. The majority of teachers reported that teachers themselves were the most excited about the last day of school with students coming in a distant second. If this poll has been given to students, then the results probably would have been reversed.

There is no doubt that both teachers and students look forward to summer break and the last day of school. Who is the most excited depends on who you ask. Administrators, support staff and parents received less than 5% of the combined vote. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that none of these people took part in the poll.

Shouldn't administrators and support staff be just as excited about the last day of school as teachers? They too are working hard all year and dealing with students on a daily basis. Perhaps they are not on the frontlines like teachers, but certainly most of them are looking forward to summer break as well. If poll participants had been able to select more than one answer then administrators and support staff may have received more votes. As the poll was set up, teachers picked themselves over all others as the most excited.

Parents received the least amount of votes and this is probably fairly representative of the truth. Summer break for parents means a juggling of schedules. Parents of younger children need to find daycare situations in the summer so that they can continue working themselves. If the children are old enough to be home alone many parents worry about what they are doing. Will it be a solid eight hours on the computer for five days per week? There are many activities available for all age groups but trying to get children to these events while parents are working is difficult.

If teachers truly are more excited than their students on the last day of school, at least they handle themselves with more maturity. The mental image of teachers streaming out of the school's front doors throwing their books in the air, as you often see students doing on television, is a funny one to contemplate. Maybe they wait until all the students have left and then they celebrate. Someone needs to wait until the end of the day and capture this on film. It might make interesting television.