Lesson Plan : Sacagawea

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Garris
 Grade 2
 Language Arts

 History of the United States
 This section of US History focuses on the rights of the American slaves. This split the country into the north and south which caused the civil war. Although the 13th amendment abolished slavery, there continued to be prejudice and segregation for many more years.
 Reading Fluency: Build relevant sight word vocabulary in context; Read fluently
 Aquisition of vocabulary: Apply knowledge of words in context of a topic Reading Comprehension: Answer literal and evaluative questions History: Select events and construct a time line; Identify major events in past and current US history.
 Article: American Civil War communication board
 Read the article and/or have students read aloud from the text or picture supported version. Ask questions to support understanding.
 Read the timelime with picture supports. Use the timeline as a sequenced story of events.
 Independent or paired reading will focus on individual reading levels with text or supported text versions.
 Students will read the article with picture supports or point to pictures during shared reading.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will independently read article Studetns will re-tell two fact from article
 Students will do life skills activity on What is discrimination? Activity will focus on making students aware of how important it is not to be the givers of prejudice.
 Students will complete a picture supported, multiple choice quiz with 80% accuracy. Students will demonstrate recognition of new high frequency sight words with 80% accuracy.

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