Lesson Plan : Tell Time

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Wright
 Grade 1

 Subject:Mathematics Grade: First Lesson Topic/Theme: Telling Time
 The students will listen to specific information. The students will follow directions for experiments.
  Students will use English to obtain, process, construct, and provide subject matter information in spoken and written form. Students will use appropriate learning strategies to construct and apply academic knowledge.
 The students will learn the definition and how to tell and read time. The students will be able to describe and analyze and become more familiar with time and its meaning.
 The Grouchy Ladybug Book Demo Clock Cardboard Construction Paper Glue Scissor
 Students will be shown the book (present) (The Grouchy Ladybug), individually they will write down their predications of what they think the book will be about and then as a class we will share the predictions. Pointing at pictures in The Grouchy Ladybug, each student will be asked to tell or describe the object being pointed at. Students will also be asked to tell what the definitions are. Students will have prior knowledge of schedule followed. Some will remember from our time to change song and dance.
 Cognitive Elaboration of Prior Knowledge- Students will relate to known information about clocks. They will also use what they know to help complete assignments. Metacognitive Monitoring comprehension- Students will think will listening to the teacher and students so that they can make associations and connect to their own culture.
 On the story carpet the story The Grouchy Ladybug will be read to the students. While reading the story we will stop and have short discussions. This will allow students who are not understanding the story to ask questions and to listed to otherís comments to help them understand. We will also do I Remember!(I will ask questions about the story and the students will raise their hand to indicate that they remember that and can answer the question) review questions. Also we will analyze exactly what time is and how it is being used in the story by breaking up the main ideas and interpreting their importance in telling time. After reading the story we will compare predictions that were writing and discussed before reading the story. Students will then share their comparison charts wither their given groups. Students will now be making their own clock. Students will sit at their desk and given all supplies needed to complete activity individually. Before beginning activity the teacher will model step-by-step instruction given to the students. Students will also be shown a completed clock and its functions. After students have made their clock they will be given an assignment to practice moving (selecting) the clock to the time being asked individually. I will walk around and provide one on one assistance.
 Continuing practice, students will break up into groups of 2 for peer tutoring. They will be provided another activity sheet to complete together on finding the correct time for the given problem. I will provided the directions and show how to do the sample question on the board so all students can see how I answered the question. If any other students have questions I will work with them individually. Ending the lesson, each student will receive a piece of construction paper. They will compose a quick write on what they have learned and their meaning of time. We will discuss their information as a class and I will give an overview of concepts taught in the lesson.
 After review and practice students will complete a 15 problem test. This test will include placing the correct time on the clock, writing the time shown, and review questions from the story read. They will also be called univocally to my desk for the second portion of the test. In this portion I will have my model clock and set a time and students will be asked to tell me the time or write it down. Then I will give them the model clock and they will set the correct time with the given time to set.

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