Lesson Plan : Using the Microscope

Teacher Name:
 Francois Viau
 Grade 7-8

 Parts, function and use of the microscope.
 Field of view, magnification
 1.use a microscope accurately to find, observe, and draw microscopic objects 2.use appropriate vocabulary, including correct science and technology terminology, to communicate ideas, procedures, and results (e.g., use scientific terms such as organelle, diffusion, osmosis, selectively permeable);
 The students will do a series of measurements and manipulation to become more familiar with the microscope. They will also be required to know the parts of a microscope and their function.
 compound microscope, transparent ruler, newspaper print, scissors, microscope slide, cover slip
 1.What different tools can we use to make things bigger? How do they work? Discuss. 2.Take two convex lenses and show the students how a microscope functions.
 Show everyone the microscope and go through explaining all the different parts. Demonstrate the preparation of microscope slides.
 1.Three groups at a time will do the activity as outlined on p.18-19 in the textbook while the others are filling-in the worksheet 1.2.2 Diagram for Labeling: Microscope using the p.356-357 in the book.
 Kyle and Brittnii will only be responsible for: 1.knowing the following parts: Ocular lens (eyepiece), coarse-adjustment knob, fine-adjustment knob, objective lens, arm, base, light source. 2.Analysis questions p.19 a, b, e only
 Formative: use a checklist to track how well the groups work together. Look for organization, cooperation, kindness and seriousness.

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