Lesson Plan : Force and Motion

Teacher Name:
 Cathy Barber
 Grade 7-8

 Force and Motion
 force, push, pull, gravity, friction, kinetic energy, potential energy
 Students will begin to understand basic terms relating to force and motion
 Describe or compare motions of common objects in terms of speed and direction
 toy playground equipment, cotton balls, coffee stirrers or small straws, masking tape, worksheets
 Students will write down definitions of vocabulary words displayed both on the overhead and on the TV from the Power Point page.
 Using toy playground equipment, a selected student will try to demonstrate a type of force that can be applied to push, pull, or create and change in the direction of an object. These should be: start, stop, speed up, slow down, and change direction
 After setting up groups of 3 and assigning the jobs of materials manager, recorder, and push or pull person, students will take turns placing the cotton ball on the starting line and 1)blow with great force 2)blow softly and continuously.
 Partner reading, assistance from adults, one paper of questions turned in for the whole group could be acceptable.
Checking For Understanding:
 Discuss questions. Then try to think of an example for each kind of energy discussed from the previous day: chemical, mechanical, heat, sound, light, electrical.
 Discuss the idea that we are around forces all day. They move with their own energy. They watch sports, are moved by machines that are powered. Wind blows leaves. Squirrels bury nuts.

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