Lesson Plan : Warming Up for Soccer

Teacher Name:
 Brittny Dyson
 Grade 6
 PE and Health

 Warm-Up For Soccer
 1. Students will be able to explain why strengthening the lower body is important in soccer. 2. Students will perform lower body workouts needed for playing soccer. 3. Students will be motivated in warm-up by use of school spirit.
 42 Colored Spots.
 ~On my whistle everyone needs to line up one behind the other on these five colored spots and Go I know you all are learning about soccer. What are the main parts of the body used in soccer? (legs and feet). Well today in warm-up we are going to be working the lowerbody. Legs, Feet, and Core because soccer involves a lot of running, and foot work. It also involves agilities. So we are going to do some basic warm-ups to strengthen the lower body. ~Are you ready..pat, pat, clap.
 Warm-Up Teach Double Knee does everyone remember how a high Knee is done. We are going to change it up and do what is called double knees. Left leg up in high knee position and go twice to the front and twice to the side. Left going down and right coming back up. Don't try to rush because you will fall. Take your time this is not a race. Om my whistle first row begin and second start when they get half way. Kick Out This time your going to bring your leg to a high knee and kick out alternating legs as you move. Keep a steady bounce and movement. Once again do not rush...get the maximum workout by keep your pace. Transition: on my whistle everybody has 10 seconds to find a colored spot Shuttle drill Everybody get in position like you are going to do a slide. Now move feet up and down like your are patting them on the ground. Now on my whistle your are going to turn to the left in a steady slide position and say GEAUX and then turn Back the front and shuttle. Now on my whistle we are going to turn to the right and say MUSTANGS. When I blow my whistle twice: You are going shuttle to the front then turn left and right and say GEAUX MUSTANGS! Extra: (IF I have more time) Make a complete circle using the shuttle drill. On my whistle Shuttle to the front and say GEAUX, Turn to left and say Mustangs, Shuttle to back and say GEAUX and turn to right and say Mustangs. Shuttle back to front and say GEAUX MUSTANGS GEAUX MUSTANGS 5 CLAPS GEAUX MUSTANGS!!

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