Lesson Plan : Healthy Eating

Teacher Name:
 Linda Ward
 Grade 7-8
 PE and Health

 Healthy Eating
 The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating Chart, Healthy eating in other cultures, Food variety, Physical activity.
 Students will learn about healthy food habits and the realtionship between a healthy diet and physical activity.
 Students will demonstrate an understanding of the heatlhty eating plate by relating it to their own diets. Students will understand the benefits of eating a variety of foods by calculating their own daily food intake. Students will demonstrate a basic understanding of the realtionship between healthy eating and p0hysical activity final evaluations through questioning and feedback.
 Power point presentation, and handouts.
 Introduce the topic of healthy eating, food variety and physical activity and their relationship. Ask questions about students prior knowledge and why it is important to maintain a healthy diet, 7 reasons.
 Show slide of healthy eating plate. Explain five food groups and show slide.
 Provide handout and have students list their food consumption from yesterday. Explain that they must separate their foods into groups and place them into healthy plate provided. Walk around class to monitor progress.
 Explain differences in eating patterns in different cultures, show slides. Explain energy in vs energy out and the importance of physical activity combined with healthy eating.
Checking For Understanding:
 Class discussion. Feedback from class on what they have learnt during the lesson.
 Ask for and answer any relevant questions and reinforce key points.

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