Lesson Plan : Addition- The Basics

Teacher Name:
 Chandra Thomas
 Grade 1

 Basic Addition
 Vocabulary: Addend, Addition, Sum
 The students will learn basic number addition.
 Given manipualtives as 'counters', students will make addition number sentences.
 Manipulatives for each child to use as counters, markers, overhead projector, white board (optional)
 Review counting from 1-20 forwards and backwards. Use students as counters. Gather 2 groups of students in front of room - one group of three, one group of two. Propose situational question, "These three friends like to eat apples, and these two friends like to to eat oranges. How many students in all like to eat fruit?" (five)
 Define terms together at the board: addition, addend, sum Discuss key words for addition: in all, altogether, total, sum Practice several groupings, demonstrating with counts at the overhead.
 Give each student a set of manipulatives. Ask how many are orange? Green? Add them together. How many orange plus green altogether? How many are purple? How many are there in all? Continue probing questions of students with their counters. Practice writing these in number sentence form: 2+4=6' 5+8=13
 Small group instruction for strugglers during practice time.
Checking For Understanding:
 Group students in mixed ability pairs. Ask student pairs to create an addition problem that can be solved using their counters. Pairs of students work together to create problems to each other and solve. Share problems orally.
 Challenge students to create a situational story problem to go with an addition sentence.

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