Lesson Plan : Anti-differentiation

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Barth
 Grade 11-12

 Anti-differentiation Indefinite integrals Introduction to Integration (Students have completed lessons on differentiating both by 1st principles and by the rule. This is the lesson that introduces the reverse concept (ie f'(x) back to original function f(x), the beginning of integration).
 Students will develop an understanding for the basic concept of anti-differentiation. They will apply rules for find the outcome of several different system based problem types.
 Identify appropriate rule to use for anti-differentiation Correct application of rule Notation Use of the C constant Student teacher focus - - Clear and concise - Accurate with content - Confident - Approachable
 Whiteboard, markers textbook My notes, includes questions to ask, examples to show
 General discussion of what Anti-derivative is. Lead discussion, prompt questions include "What was f'(x) giving us"? - GRADIENT FUNCTION "What if we are given f'(x) and want to go back to f(x)"?
 Rules and examples - see handwritten notes
 Students will take a ten question pre-quiz to establish a baseline of current knowledge. Students will then take a quiz at the beginning of the second day to determine if the past class was successful.
Checking For Understanding:
 Feedback from students with regards to understanding Ask for questions from class Walk around, see how they are working Beginning of following class ask for homework questions and/or problems and work through them.
 A 6 page test will be taken three days after this lesson is taught.
Teacher Reflections:
 I would like to include a hands-on activity in a future lesson. Also I would like to integrate technology more in my lessons.

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