Lesson Plan : How Many Ways?

Teacher Name:
 W. Kay Mitchell
 Grade 1

 Representation of Numbers
 Representations Represent Numbers Number words Addition Sentences Subtraction Sentences Objects Tally Marks
 -connect model, number word, and number, using a variety of representations.
 TLW demonstrate an understanding of representations of numbers by completing a circle map with a variety of ways to represent a particular number.
 White board and markers Manila paper and pencils
 The teacher will draw a circle map on the board and put her name in the middle. She will tell the students that yes, she is Ms. Mitchell, but she is named or represented by a variety of different words. She will write in aunt and tell the students she has a niece and two nephews which makes her their aunt. She will ask the students to name as many words as they can to put on the circle map that name or represent her. After the students have participated she will go back over the map to make the point that she can be called all of these things. She will then make the transition to math and tell the students that just as there is more than one way to represent her that they have already studied different ways to name numbers.
 The teacher will have the students map a list of ways they could represent a number: write the number write the number word write an additon problem write a subtraction problem draw objects write tally marks etc.
 The teacher will pick a student to tell her a number greater than 10 and less than 20 to write on a new circle map. With the students help the circle map will be completed with one example from each type of representation from their list.
 The list of ways to represent numbers will be on the board for the students to refer to as well as the class's example. Students who finish early will be encouraged to try to come up with any additional ways.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will be circulating around the room to encourage students, have them correct any mistakes, and provide instruction to those having difficulty (ex. Tally marks are difficult for some first graders). Peer tutoring can be utilized, also.
 The teacher will state that just as there are different words to describe them there are different ways to name or represent numbers. She will tell them that as they learn more and more about numbers their list of ways will get longer.
 Student responses during the guided instruction Students' circle maps

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