Lesson Plan : Grouping Sets

Teacher Name:
 A. smith
 Grade 1

 Grouping Sets
 Math Grouping sets equal not equal
 The Learner will master grouping equal sets of two and three four tries out of five.
 1.01 Develop number sense for whole numbers through 99. TLW Identify and model equal and unequal sets and numerals
 Paper plates bingo chips M & M's
 Find the level of prior knowledge by asking the students a question. They have four stickers and they must share equally with their best friend. "Does anyone know how we could do this. After discussion then read the book "The Doorbell Rings". Discuss how to divide the cookies as the story progresses. Define the vocabulary words and ask how they apply to the story.
 Explain the math vocabulary and demonstrate how to group sets. Give examples of bot equal and unequal sets.
 Guided practice - each student will get three paper plates and a small bag of bingo chips. They are o use the chips to help solve the problems. they must first divide them equally between two persons using two plates, the equally between three person using three plates. The sevcon step is to circle two equal sets on the board, then three.
 Students who are strategic have bags with fewer counters, advanced students have bags wih more counters.
Checking For Understanding:
 The ctivity on the boad and the worksheets will assess student undrstanding. Once they have successfully ocmppleted both activites then we will revisit the activity using M&M's candies.
 Reap facts. Define vocabular words and write about what they have learned today.
 The worksheet was designed to tell if they understood the concept and were able to group the objects into equal sets and recognie unequal sets.
Teacher Reflections:
 The students enjoyed the lesson. They were all excited about the prospect of making sets on the paper plates. Many of them were using the knowledge of their peers to help them during whole geoup. The difficulties for some students became apparent when tey were working independently.

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