Lesson Plan : Introduction to Radicals

Teacher Name:
 Erin McGuire
 Grade 9-10

 Introducing Radicals and Simplifying Radicals
 combine, evenly, least, equivalent, common, reduce, square root, whole, above, next, under, similar, terms, unlike, equal, top, bottom, outside, within, opposite, integer, whole, fraction, decimal, repeat
 Learn vocabulary related to radicals and operations with radicals, Methods and procedures for simplifying radicals
 Students will be able to complete the KWL and List-Group-Label worksheets in a timely fashion. Students will work well together in groups. Students will learn more about technology in the classroom.
 KWL Worksheet, List-Group-Label Worksheet, textbook, computer (for regentsprep.org and algebralab.org)
 Hand out KWL sheet. Have students fill out first and second column on own. Then break students into groups and have them talk about what they came up with. Groups share what they talked about.
 Switch into different groups to work on List-Group-Label. Have groups share their ideas. Discuss any words they might have had difficulty with. Ask students if they can use the words in the list to define certain words. Put a radical on the board and ask students to label the different parts and what they stand for.
 As a class, go through the examples on regentsprep.org about simplifying radicals. Have discussions with students about how to simplify.
 For those finishing early, have students work on examples 1-10 on page 692 of textbook independently. For students that are still struggling, put them into groups and have them work together on exercises 1-10.
Checking For Understanding:
 Have students work on Exit Slip individually.
 Share out Exit Slips and talk about homework (page 692 exercise 36).

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