Lesson Plan : 6.2: Polynomials and Linear Factor

Teacher Name:
 Emily Werner
 Grade 11-12

 Polynomial functions
 relative maximum and minimum, Factor Theorem, multiple zeros, and multiplicity
 1) Define relative maximum and relative minimum, and show students what they are. 2) State Factor Theorem and show students how it works 3) Define multiple zeros and multiplicity and show students what they are
 1) Students get practice at writing polynomials in standard form,i.e. moving from factored form to standard form 2) Students get practice at factoring polynomials 3) Students are reminded of the Zero-Product Property and use it to find zeros of polynomial functions 4) Students learn how to write zeros of a polynomial and then write them as a polynomial function 5) Students learn how to find multiple zeros and how to determine the multiplicity of a multiple zero
 white board, white board markers, overhead, transparencies, overhead calculator
 -Teacher defines relative maximum, relative minimum, Factor Theorem,multiple zero, and multiplicity
 -Teacher shows students how to write a polynomial in standard form given the factored form -Teacher shows how to factor polynomials given standard form -Teacher shows students how to find the zeros of a polynomial -Teacher shows hoe to write a polynomial given its zeros -Teacher shows how to find multiple zeros and how to determine the multiplicity
 Ex.1: Write Polynomial in standard form Ex.2: Write Polynomial in factored form Ex.3: Find zeros of Polynomial Ex.4: Write polynomial given zeros Ex.5: Find multiple zeros and determine multiplicity
 technology, different colors, verbal and visual instructions and explanations
Checking For Understanding:
 -Teacher asks questions during lecture to gauge student understanding -Teacher assigns homeworkto give students practice
 -Teacher reminds students to show all work -Teacher gives homework assignment

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