Lesson Plan : Graphing equations

Teacher Name:
 Madame X
 Grade 9-10

 Graphing linear equations using intercepts
 Algebra linear equations x-intercept y-intercept
 Students will identify linear equations and graph them using 2-3 coordinate points.
 Students will be able to graph linear equations using the x and y intercepts.
 Overhead; overhead master
 What is the x-intercept? y-intercept? On a coordinate grid, identify x-axis, y-axis, then plot points: (5,0) and (0,4). Define x-intercept: the coordinate at which a graph intersects the x-axis. y-intercept: the coordinate at which a graph intersects the y-axis.
 Given the equation 5x-4y= -20 We can find the x-and y-intercepts and graph the equation x-intercept y-intercept (y=0) (x=0)________________________________________________ 5x-4(0)=-20 5(0)-4y = -20 5x =-20 -4y = -20 5x/5=-20/5 -4y/-4 = -20/ -4 x=-4 y = 5 Graph x and y on a grid and connect the points.
 Using a worksheet, students will work with a partner showing their work on individual slates with dry-erase markers
 Sudents functioning 4 grade levels below: will pass out color coded index cards to show partners. students functioning 2 grade levels below: will pass out slates and dry erase markers and erasers. On grade level students will complete worksheet by writing down solutions and turn it in.
Checking For Understanding:
 Exit check
 today we learned how to graph linear equations by using x and y intercepts.
 8 out 10 correct or 80% on worksheet done independently
Teacher Reflections:
 How to create a more fluid lesson with students not getting distracted by the lack of structure , i.e. not using paper and pencil activity on desks.

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