Lesson Plan : Money Management

Teacher Name:
 J. Reyes and B. Garcia
 Grade 9-10

 Money Management and Budgeting
 Money Management and budgeting. Students will take on the task of learing about budgets Word Wall: Deposits, Balance, Transactions, Expressions
 Students will be able to gain an understanding of Budgets, saving and life choices through basic math.
 Students will learn basic math computations through handling money.
 Cookie pies, gloves, napkins, math word problems, pencils
 Students will be given a budget card. As they go through the budget they will use the cookie pie to measure what is going out and coming in to their "Bank". Different budget cards will be given. Students will work in Cooperative Learning Groups
 Teacher will work through a budget card. Teacher will work through basic word problems Teacher will hand out sample budget
 Students will work in cooperative learning groups and work through their budget
 Students with food allergies will be taken into consideration. (ie no peanuts for students with peanut allergies) Students in content mastery will be given opporitunity to go work with teacher and with a partner to create budget.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will review progress of budgets every class period. Assesment will be given at end of class Assesment with grade will be given at the end of the chapter
 Students will work through word problems and turn in for daily grade Clean up cookie pies
 Teacher will give an assesment at the end of the chapter Bugets will be turned in for grade.

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