Lesson Plan : Math Program of Studies K-12

Teacher Name:
 Carrie Gilham

 Overview of the Mathematics Program of Studies from K-12.
 Content will include going over the four strands in the math curriculum, the General Learning Objectives of the math curriculum, the different stream of senior level math, and a few Specific Learning Objectives of the math curriculum from seleted grades.
 Students will: 1) be able to identify the four strands of the K-12 mathematics curriculum 2) be able to distinguish between the different senior high level mathematics streams 3) appreciate the value of mathematics curriculum 4) recognize patterns in mathematics posters 5) distinguish between terms like parallel, vertical, and horizontal 6) construct polygons and shapes with materials provided by teacher 7) discuss the presence of probably in society 8) examine a conic cone to gain understanding of the conic unit
 To teach non-major students about the Math curriculum in meaningful and fun way.
 Joke list, Applied math transparency, Pure math transparency, Math 31 transparency, Process/Strands transparency, Math posters, Math songs transparency, Conics cone, Division 2 curriculum resource, Sequence transparency, Polygon box, Overhead projector, Cue cards with goals
 To gain the students attention I will tell a few jokes about math, to prove that even math can be fun sometimes. I will then ask the students to each tell me one thing they know about the mathematics curriculum.
 To start off with I will inform the students of how mathematics is supposed to focus on moving from simple/concrete to complex/abstract and the 4 strands of math emphasized in the K-12 curriculum. I have overheads to demonstrate this. After this I will go over the GLO's of the math curriculum orally. As there is six students in my group I will have each of the students read off one of the goals for the students in the math curriculum from cue cards I handed out at the beginning of my lesson. I will then use my transparency on sequencing to show in which order math courses should be taken. Next, I will demonstrate some specific learning outcomes from the K-9 curriculum and different methods in which these could be taught through activites. I will then explain the difference between Pure and Applied math using the overheads I have created for the two streams. I will demonstrate how different conics are forms and have students pass around a manipulative for the conic section of Math 30 Pure. I will then mention other senior level math courses like Math 10 Prep, Math 14-24, and Math 31 and talk about why they exist. If enough time is left I will go over some of the learning objectives for Math 31 with a transparency.
 Have students pick out patterns in a math poster. (1/2 minute) Have students sing the songs on the overhead to show how definitions can be memorized through verse. (1 minute) Have students discuss different probabilities in our society. (1/2 minute) Demonstrate how different cuts in planes will produce different conics and have students pass around manipulative. (1.5 minutes)
 During closure I will briefly recap a few of the main features of my lesson, and have students complete a survey on what they have learnt.

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