Lesson Plan : Good Things Come Before Five

Teacher Name:
 Sabrina J. Hewitt

 Counting to Five
 Concept of numbers, recognizing the conceptive pattern of numbers,relationship between numbers
 Students will be able to count zero to five by recognizing the conceptive pattern of the numerical mathematics system both by group effort and individual activity.
 Flash cards labelled 0 through five, lollipops, markers, paper.
 Identifying those students who can already count to five will allow for the appropriate adjustments to be made to the lesson plan
 Hold a number flash card in one hand simultaneously in the other hand hold up the number of lollipop(s) in relation to the number on the flash card. Repeat this activity several times.
 Hold up a number card and have each student take turns selecting the number of lollipop(s) that represents the number on the flash card. Start off with the same number for each student in concetive numerical order. Once it is identified that students have a grasp switch the order of the numbers.
 Work in smaller groups with those student who show difficulty in grasping the lesson.
Checking For Understanding:
 Have students sit in smaller groups give each student a different numbered flash card labeled 0-5 have each student place the number in a concetive numerical order number line. Allow students to participate in helping each other place the correct card in the right place.
 Give students another activity like counting their peers in a group of five to see if the truly got the concept of the lesson plan.
Teacher Reflections:
 Which students could count to five? Which students couldn't, and what adjustment need to be made to get those students to count to five? What adjustments are needed for the next time the lesson plan is taught?

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