Lesson Plan : Add and Subtract Integers

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Tammy Lara
 Grade 9-10

 Addition and Subtraction of Integers
 Adding and Subtractin Integers -Positive ann Negative -Zero is nuetral, it is neither positive or negative -Review number line facts -Inverse operations- oppostites
 -Identify positive and negative integers on a number line -Add and subtract appropriately according to the ditty that is given NETS 1, 3,4,5 ELA Comprehension of hte material IRA A1
 Given 2 seperate internet assignments, that are self corrective, the students will correctly answer with 100% accuracy. The student must submit the assignment on a seperate sheet of paper for an in class graded assignment.
 -Wireless lab -Internet excersie -Smartboard -Thermometer -Lyrics to ROw, row, row your boat
 Ditty- goes along with the song row, row, row your boat(on powere point presentation) - to be viewed on the smartboard Same sign add and keep, Different signd subtract, take the sign of the higher number, then you will be exact.
 Log on Power point presentation, with ditty and 10 examples that coincide to each line. Thermometer- Application problems- If it is 45 degrees today and -10 degrees yesterday , what is the difference in the temperature? Time Lines- AC, AD, BD. etc..
 Give 10 more examples and have them work independently as the teamteacher and myself walk around and answer questions. If students are having difficulty one of the teachers will stay back and help them understand.
 The teamteacher and myself have check all the IEP's and have made any adjustments necessary to accomodate the student(s). We will be using differentiated instruction, where the students are active participants in their growth. This will allow them to explore the content, as well as produce the results we would like to see and retain the information given. All the students have accessto the lesson, which is incorporated on the hard drive. They can access this information any time they would like, especially during a skills class.
Checking For Understanding:
 Once the students are finished they have a few minutes to respond in their journal about todays lesson. They need to have the ditty in there, as well as 5 things they learned, and perhaps 2 things that might have helped them with the lesson.
 Go over our journal responses, at least a word from every student in the class. Participation is 10% of their grade. We will be covering multiplication and division tomorrow.
 Homework: Share the ditty we learned in class with the family, and search for different applicatons that apply to positve and negative numbers.

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